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Coast to coast moving – tips by the pros

Long distance relocations like coast to coast moving require detailed planning and dedication. If you want to move avoiding common moving mistakes and any stress you should start planning your relocation few months ahead. Having enough time to prepare and execute the relocation will help you move with ease and fulfill any necessary pre-departure tasks. People often tend to overlook the importance of time needed for creating a coast to coast moving plan and therefore skip a few important steps along the way. Even if you have the moving date coming soon, you will be able to relocate quickly and safely by following a few simple steps you will find in this article.

Preparing for a long-distance relocation

Relocations are fun and exciting. They give you an opportunity for a fresh start and the feeling of a clean slate. Just a thought of your new life and career can make you daydream in a second. Even though that is fun, don’t get carried away and forget about the relocation process itself. If not planned well, coast to coast moving can turn out to be daunting and stressful. In order to have an easy and quick coast to coast move, start planning as soon as possible.

coast to coast moving

A long distance move won’t be stressful if you plan in advance and prioritize well

The moving industry is thriving at the moment, and there are many online sources with relocation tips and advice. Make sure you find the reliable ones. Reputable moving companies, like Verified Movers, can provide you with valuable information about moving on their websites, as well as with moving quotes.

If you are moving with children to the opposite coast, your preparation process might be more complicated. Make sure you prepare your children for such a big change. Keep in mind that they will need more time to adapt. Therefore, start talking to them about the move as soon as possible. Be patient and explain the reasons for your decision. Point out the benefits of the move. In order for them to get on board, you will need to be creative. Find online photos of their new school, beaches and fun attractions near your future home. With more information and fun plans, they will be able to visualize their new life.

Pre-departure tasks

Your relocation plan should consist a pre-departure to-do list. Start writing down right from the beginning. It might be that some tasks will appear along the way. Therefore, be prepared and prevent overlooking any important obligations. Changing your address, canceling subscriptions and utilities should make the list. The key to moving safely with reputable long distance movers from California is prioritizing well. Therefore, create a timeline for your activities. How long before the move do you need to inform your children’s schools? Is there any additional paperwork? Have you informed your clients, family, and friends about the relocation? These are all important questions that will make your, coast to coast moving, planning process much easier.

checklist for a long distance move

Make sure you write down every task you need to do before the moving day

The relocation plan for a coast to coast moving

Packing for a move in one day is doable. However, having more time for moving tasks like that one will take a lot of relocation stress off you your back. Therefore, in order to have an easy long-distance move, create a detailed moving plan by following a few simple steps:

  • Hire a reputable relocation company that specializes in coast to coast moving.
  • Make a packing plan. 
  • Prepare for the moving day in advance.

How to find a reputable moving company

There are more than 7000 moving companies in the US right now. With an industry as big as the relocation one, common moving frauds are not uncommon. Prevent becoming a moving scam victim by doing a detailed research of specific movers.

Here are a few steps to follow when looking for a reputable moving company:

  • Find a few moving companies online and research them.

The most common moving mistake is that people often hire the very first mover they come by. In order to have a safe and quick move, find a few moving companies and check their credentials. Look for their online profiles and websites. A reputable mover will always clearly brand their premises, vehicles, and packing material. Also, they will make their contact information as well as the address easily reachable. Don’t forget to look for online reviews of their former customers as well.

  • Contact the movers and ask for a quote. 

Call the moving companies you have chosen and pay a close attention to the quality of their customer service and answers to your questions. A red flag is if a mover answers the phone with just MOVERS or MOVING COMPANY rather than with the company’s name. A reliable mover will always be patient and answer all of your questions. Ask for detailed information on their moving services. If you have any specific moving requirements inform them and ask for advice. They should offer you a moving quote. Make sure you know which services it includes. An in-house estimate is something you need to schedule in order to get an exact cost estimate.

  • Don’t trust them completely and do a further check-up.

Contact the moving association of your state for more information about a mover. Also, contact the FMSCA in order to check a mover’s license and reputability.

The packing plan.

When creating the plan keep in mind that you are packing for your new home. Therefore, don’t relocate any furniture you don’t actually need. This way you will be able to lower the moving costs and have a larger living space. Create 3 different lists: Pack, Sell/Donate, Trash. Try not to be emotional and finally decide on throwing away that old lamp that doesn’t work anymore.

boxes packed for coast to coast moving

Make sure your fragile belongings are safe by packing them in high-quality boxes

In order to stay organized pack your possessions according to the room, they belong to. Therefore, you will be able to unpack quickly after you move. Make sure you pack essentials separately so they can be easily reachable on the moving-in day.

Clearly label the boxes, and write warning signs on the ones that contain fragile items. You can save money by reusing old boxes. However, buy some quality packing material to keep your antiques and breakables safe.

The moving day

Yay! It’s finally the coast to coast moving day! It will be exciting and busy. Make sure you are safe by wearing comfortable clothes and non-slippery shoes. Keep your children and pets away from the loading area. Consider buying quality safety gloves and weight support belts in order to protect yourself from any injuries.

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