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Decorating your Hollywood home: 5+ useful tips!

Well, congratulations! Your move to Los Angeles is done and you can now relax… Or, not so much. We are sure that your move went entirely according to plan after you listened to our advice on how to pack for your move to Hollywood and how to move with your entire family. Now that you have finished with all of that, as well as with the unpacking, you can direct your time and energy towards something more interesting. It is time for decorating your Hollywood home!Although this might take a lot of time, it is going to be time well spent. And in the end, you can enjoy your beautiful new home in the City of Stars.

Decorating your Hollywood home on a budget

Let your home match the beauty of your new residence, in a cheap and easy way.

Many people skip decorating when they move in because they think that it is going to be rather expensive. They usually postpone it. And that is completely understandable, moving is very expensive, and no one wants to put money aside for throw pillows and decorative motivational picture frames. Considering that Hollywood is pretty pricey, that is more than understandable. But, chances are, that if you postpone it, you might never actually do it. And that would be such a shame. So, get to work, and we will give you some tips on how to make your new place in Hollywood much better. 


Although you don’t need a lot of money, you still need some. In order to know what you can do and make a plan for decorating your Hollywood home, you need to know how much money you have at your disposal. Then you can decide what is the best course of action. Living in Hollywood might get to you, but don’t let the bright lights fool you. There is always a way to decorate your Hollywood home and not spend too much money.  If your budget is very small invest in supplies you can use to make a lot of things. With a medium budget, in addition to supplies, you can buy a couple of items that will fit right in. A miniature Hollywood sign is clearly a must. If, by any chance, your budget is huge, buy things of good quality, that will last a long time. That will be a great investment for your new home. Combine them with the items you already have, and your house will look amazing.


DIY techniques perhaps are not so popular in Los Angeles, which will only make you stand out. Although the popularity of DIY projects increases with the lack of funds, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Making something for your home will not serve only their decorative purpose. It will also keep you busy, and it will help you reduce stress levels. And you are going to need this when you move to Hollywood! Between our stressful jobs and responsibilities at home, getting our hands busy is the best way to relax. If washing dishes doesn’t do much for your stress levels, that try making some picture frames, or vases. If you have children this could be a great way to spend time with them and teach them something useful. Anything that sparks up children’s imagination is great for their well-being.  So, you will not only improve your LA home, but you will also do something for your family.


Having limited budget also means being resourceful. And that is a very useful skill to have in a city of glamor and luxury. You can’t do much to improve the looks of your house if you have nothing to work with. So, what is the best way to make a difference on a budget? To paint! Buying a couple of brushes and cans of paint will be a very tiny expense, but the effect on your house will be incredible. But, don’t just paint everything white! Bold colors on the walls, or sometimes just in the corners of the rooms can make the house feel brand new. Moving to The City of Stars is a pretty bold decision, so why should your house feel like a home to plain Jane. Mix and match, and see what comes up. You can always paint again. Besides, you are going to have so much more fun decorating your Hollywood home. 


tips on home decorating

Use your hands and YouTube and decorate your home in a unique way!

We live in a consumer’s society which means we tend to buy and throw away, without seeing the bigger picture. And if we looked closely we would see that what we are doing is just creating a lot of junk for planet Earth to swallow. When you decide to decorate your home, have this in mind. Perhaps the lifestyle in Hollywood isn’t so keen to follow this trends, but you should.  The best way to change this is use every opportunity to turn things around. Even small changes can create a big difference for the environment.

Go through your belongings you don’t use anymore and see if some of them can have a different purpose. Old dresses can be made into dolls or pillows. Old plastic bottles can be used to decorate the outdoors. Newspapers covers can be turned into vases. Just like in the previous case you can include your children, your friends or your neighbors and make an interesting workshop out of it. This will help you get to know your first neighbors in Los Angeles and make some new friends. You will do a favor to our environment while spending no money and refreshing your new home.


Flea markets and garage sales always contain a hidden treasure or two. Check them out!

Another thing you could do that would both benefit the decoration of your LA home and the environment is to buy second-hand items. Even if they are not in perfect shape, you could easily restore them to their previous state. You would be spending way less money than you would on buying new things, and you would do someone a favor. For the price of one new thing, you can be a dozen used ones and start decorating your Hollywood home in no time. 

Knowing how to make improvements to your LA house isn’t always easy to master. But, with our help and advice, we are sure that you will at least be inspired. If not, check out these amazing Hollywood attractions for additional inspiration.  You can continue looking for new, cheap ways to improve your home. This will also help you reduce stress levels, and master some new skills set. You never know when you might need it!

If decorating your Hollywood home is too much for your limited time and budget, pick a room, or a part of the house and start there. Pick something you spend a lot of time in, so you could really enjoy the benefits of your decision. This will inspire you to continue in the same direction, and in no time, your entire LA home will look amazing!

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