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From California to Florida – things about cross country relocation that nobody told you

Cross country relocation can be quite fun and fun if you make it. That doesn’t mean it will be easy though. In order to relocate from California to Florida without stress and hurry you need to start preparing and planning on time. Being prepared is the only thing that will make this road easier and less stressful. It will also help not to forget anything along the way. Here are some things about cross country relocation that nobody told you.

You need to prepare your vehicle for cross country relocation

Of course, you know that you need to take your car to the mechanics to see that everything is in order and repair if something is off. But, this is not all you need to do. You need to prepare your car for the road too. Start by deep cleaning it. You want your car to be fresh as a daisy for this very long drive. Add a nice scent too. You will be more comfortable that way. If you can – invest in a portable mini fridge for the car. That makes all the difference while you are on the road all day long. Don’t forget the additional equipment like a car charger for your phone and phone holder. Of course, you should know that you don’t have to do everything on your own and there are people who can help you out.

Plan the road trip

Don’t follow the road signs, use google maps to find you the best road. But be prepared to be left without the internet. You need to have a real map somewhere in the car just in case. Plan all the stops and sleepovers you will be having and have a backup plan too. Also, make plans for the gas. You will fill up the tank before the trip but you also need to fill it up along the way. There are apps that can help you with that one.

A man in a car looking at a map
Google maps are pretty reliable, but bring a real map to have on the road just in case.

Having a plan B

One of the things about cross country relocation that nobody told you is that it is necessary to have a plan B. In case something goes wrong, you will be prepared. Planning what to do if something goes wrong is always smart. Especially for those common things like if someone feels carsick. It’s good to have meds in those cases. Some people think it’s bad luck to prepare for all those negative things but this is only responsible thinking. It’s a long road from California to Florida, you need to be prepared for everything.

Cross country relocation with kids

Doing everything on your own and having fun while doing is possible if there are only two of you. Doing it on your own with small children can be your worst nightmare. People with kids usually go down the easy path and hire professional movers in order to avoid all that hassle and heavy lifting and organization. They can even help you with packing and that way you will have time to spend with your kids instead of doing boring chores. It’s even smart to call local movers like to help you with settling in especially if you are traveling with babies. In case you need additional storage for your household items you can ask them about that one too.

playing with kids as one of the things about cross country relocation that nobody told you is certainly the necessity to occupy your kids during the whole process.
Spend your time with the kids instead of doing boring chores.

Learn about Florida before you go

It’s important to do research before you go to your new state and new home. You should gather information about your new home in order to adjust easily once you move in. There is so much to learn about Florida but for now, focus on the city you will be living in. The more you know the better you will feel there.

Moving day

This day can be chaotic, and that’s ok. Everybody feels this way on moving day. There are things that can help like useful apps ( the ones for packing to help you prepare and the ones to calm your nerves ). If you don’t call professional movers – be extra careful not to hurt your back while heavy lifting all those heavy household items. That is a very common thing on moving day because people are in a hurry. Another thing you should note, sleep well before this relocation. Especially if you are doing everything on your own. You need to be well-rested in order to function right.

Professional movers loading a moving truck.
If you hire professional movers to help you out your moving day will be less chaotic.

Moving day bag

This is the very important part. You need to have a “to go” bag. All the stuff you will be needing along the way and as soon as you move in should be in this bag. This bag will be somewhere near you and not among moving boxes. You will be needing quick access to it. Don’t forget to pack basics in your “to go” bag like :

  • hand sanitizer
  • wet wipes (try to find water wipes as they are good for your face too)
  • travel size toothpaste and toothbrush
  • spare clothes
  • spare underwear
  • dry shampoo
  • scrunchie
  • documents
  • keys
  • power bank for your phone
  • food
  • snacks
  • water
  • juices
  • food, milk powder, and all the basic things you will be needing for the kids like diapers, etc
  • toys for the kids
  • some magazines

Of course, you will know best what you need the best. This is a basic list of the things people usually need. If you use any meds have them in this bag. It’s ok if the bag is big, you bring all those things you think will make your road trip to Florida easier. Bring even too much, it’s important to have all of these. You don’t want to open moving boxes on the road just so you can find an extra t-shirt in case you need one.

Cross country relocation

You are probably very excited by now about your upcoming cross-country relocation. Don’t worry if something goes off script, that happens even when you are perfectly prepared. The only important thing now is that you all get there the best way possible and soon enough you will be in your Florida paradise. Hopefully for many years to come.

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