Checking plumbing before buying a home on a faucet.

How to inspect plumbing before buying a home

One day you might be coming to a new house and apartment, and suddenly you feel like something stinks in your bathroom. Or even worse, you found out that if you let the water in your sink, the drainage doesn’t work and there is a chance of flooding. Not checking the plumbing before buying a home is one of the most common mistakes people do when they are searching for a new home. We want you to do the right thing and this is why we offer you some advice on how to inspect plumbing before you buy a new home. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

The homeowner has to let you in

No one who is serious about selling a home will not let the potential buyers inspect and check out the home they are considering. The homeowner of your potential future home has to let you in to check out everything about the home. If you happen to stumble on an owner who won’t let you in, just turn around since it is not worthwhile to buy a home before checking it out first.

Faucet with running water.
Check every faucet before you decide to buy a home.

Do a quick check first

First of all, you have to check out if all the taps, sinks, and faucets. Knowing the state of the home is the best preparation for relocation. Try to let the water from every faucet you encounter and see if there is appropriate water flow. To this in all bathrooms and kitchens, and everywhere where there is a tap.

Also, check if water flows into the drain after some time. If the water doesn’t drain properly, you’ll know that there is a problem with the installation. It is probably a clog or something similar.

Also, it would be a good idea to check if the toilets flush in the bathroom. Don’t stop there. Stay for a little bit to see if the water continues to flow after the flush is done. If the water continues to flow into the bowl, you’ll know that something is not right.

Home inspection

For the purpose of checking out if your plumbing is good, maybe you should hire home inspectors. They check many other things and they report to you after they have finished their inspection.

There is also an option to call professional plumbing inspection. That kind of inspection will be more thorough. They’ll also check if your sewage is leaking, they’ll check water filtration systems, all kinds of different venting systems, and other things. This is especially useful if you are doing a long-distance move, like coast-to-coast relocation.

Checking complicated plumbing before buying a home.
Inspection of plumbing before buying a home is best left to professionals.

An ordinary home inspection will only check what you can check yourself, and this is why we recommend hiring professional plumbers to do the work.

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