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How to make your apartment more attractive to buyers?

Saying goodbye to your old apartment can be a bit sad if you have a lot of memories there. Just remember, while you are making new memories in your new place another family will be making some in your old place. Before selling your old place you need to make your apartment more attractive to buyers. There are a few things you can do.


If there is something to be repaired, do it right away. This is your number one priority. Even if the place is great and the price is right the buyers will be focusing on the negative stuff always and you don’t want that. Call your local repairman and make sure that you have anything under control. Your repairmen will tell you what needs to be done after the home check and you can work from there. Also, check all the safety alarms just in case. Buyers will always want to inspect the place thoroughly, even the plumbing, and you need to be prepared.

Verious tools you can use to make your apartment more attractive to buyers.
Making all the necessary repairs is the number one priority.

Baby proofing the place

There is no need to baby-proof the whole house of course. You don’t want to invest a lot of money into selling your old place. But some things like if you have a fireplace you might want to babyproof. Buyers with kids and pets will look fondly at that. And if they do have kids they will babyproof the rest like the stairs and such. Small changes like that can attract buyers.

Make your apartment more attractive to buyers esthetically

Little things like painting the walls, changing the light bulbs so the light will be softer can make big difference. Also even if you are not a plant lover, adding a few decorative plants can make your place look homier. Also, check out those scented candles. That can make the right mood-setting and your place will smell great. Those are all small investments but they will be worth it.

Make your apartment more attractive to buyers by adding something extra

Sometimes all empty apartments look the same. Adding something special can make the place pop and might attract more buyers. It can be one corner of the apartment there is no need to make a whole place extra just some detail to make it pop and to be different. Maybe adding some cool kitchen solutions, or painting in kids’ room a wall halfway in chalk black so that kids can draw. Maybe even adding some accent wall with nice wallpaper or mirror in the right place.

AN accent wall in a living room
The accent wall needs to stand out, but still look like it belongs there.

Old real estate agent trick

Oldie but Goldie. Making cookies before the buyers come will make the whole house smell amazing. The realtors have been using this trick for years and for a good reason. The studies have shown that the smell of freshly baked cookies makes people feel at home and you want your buyers to feel that way.

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