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Is Hollywood Hills a good place to live?

Are you considering moving to a new neighborhood in LA, or you want to live in LA from now on? You are thinking about Hollywood Hills, but you still have doubts about living there. Is Hollywood Hills a good place to live? If the answer is affirmative, why is it so? And if it is not, why not? This article may help you make the right decision about your relocation.

Is Hollywood Hills a good place to live and why?

What facts to know when moving to Hollywood and near Hollywood? Before deciding to move or not to move, you should know all the things about the city. Good and bad too. Only that way will you be able to make the right call. This is some of the info about Hollywood Hills.

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Hollywood Hills is a beautiful part of LA

  • Hollywood Hills is divided into two areas – east and west. Both areas have amazing and unique neighborhoods you can choose from.
  • Hollywood Hills is known for its expensive and luxurious homes. The average home price is not low – $1,170,000. Some popular styles of homes are Mid-century modern, Spanish colonial revival, Mediterranean, California modern, and there are also bungalows. The average rent is $1,700.
  • The median household income is $98,900 and the unemployment rate is 6%. But if you want to work in the entertainment industry, the best shots are here. Is Hollywood Hills a good place to live for actors, producers, directors, probably is but keep in mind that the competition is strong.
  • Costs of living are high. So, be prepared to work hard if you want to afford living here, at Hollywood Hills.
  • Hiking is very popular in Hollywood Hills and the view is amazing. With the beautiful nature, you will spend a lot of time outside and living an active and healthy life. There are so many places to visit Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, Bronson Canyon, Lake Hollywood Park, etc.
  • Besides nature, Hollywood Hills has a lot of shops, restaurants, and bars, especially the Sunset Strip.
  • Tourists are everywhere, so you need to get used to visitors and a lot of people around you.
  • Parking may be a problem, and many residents park their cars on the street which are narrow and located on a slant.

If you decided to move to LA, hire movers

If your dream is to live here, find Good Movers LA. Be focused on your new home, adjusting to a new life, and let moving professionals do the hard work. Also, traffic is crazy, so driving a moving vehicle by yourself can be stressful and dangerous. Be part of the Hollywood lifestyle and organize your relocation like a pro.

Street signs saying Choice in the opposite directions - Is Hollywood Hills a good place to live or perhaps not?

Living in Hollywood Hills has pros and cons too. Decide what is better for you to do

Is Hollywood Hills a good place to live for you and your family? The answer depends only on you, your lifestyle and finances. It is a fact that Hollywood Hills can offer a lot to all its residents. Make a list of all the pluses and minuses of moving here and then decide.


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