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Leaving NYC for California: biggest challenges you’ll face

Moving is not an easy process and that is a fact. If you hear a story from someone that it is simple, you can rest assured it isn’t true. Especially if you are relocating for the first time. You will have obligations that are unfamiliar, and you will be going to a place that is unfamiliar, as well. So, that cannot be pleasant. However, there are ways and tips that you should follow in order to lower the challenges that you will face during this journey. Leaving NYC for California won’t be simple, we’ve established that, but you can do it. You just need to prepare yourself properly. And that is why we are here, to help you settle hassle-free. Follow our tips for moving and you won’t have anything to worry about.

The biggest challenge you will face when leaving NYC for California is the homesickness

Living your entire life in one place and changing it one day is something that not many people can handle. Homesickness is a real thing, and it can kick in at the most random of moments. Some people know how to handle this and how to act in those situations. But most of them don’t. And that is perfectly fine. Because you will learn it. However, you’ll certainly need to prepare for this feeling. Because if you don’t, it will be much more difficult. We also recommend that you find other ex-pats from New York that relocated to California. Meeting with people that are or were in the same situation as you can help a lot.

Now, homesickness can be different from person to person. Sometimes you won’t be able to adapt to your new bed and you will start overthinking everything. Even though this doesn’t sound serious, some people end up with anxiety attacks because of it. Also, the lifestyle in California is different than the one in New York. So, at first, it will be difficult to change some habits. But you will get there. Find this information before you even get there. It will help for sure. Also, even though you worry about challenges, you still need to hire reliable movers like those at Heart Moving Manhattan and prepare physically for the move. Don’t forget about that part.

Life is not a Hollywood movie so there are challenges when leaving NYC for California.
There will be challenges when leaving NYC for California.

Another challenge that is very common is the housing

To be able to relocate to a certain place, you need to have a housing solution. Without that, you won’t relocate, because being homeless is not an option. Many people that are leaving NYC for California struggle with finding their accommodation. No matter if they want to purchase a big house or just rent a small studio apartment. To avoid this from happening, you need to browse your options from the first moment you realize this relocation is something that you want and need. It will be a challenge, and you need to try and remind yourself not to lose hope. If you are stubborn enough, you will fix this problem in no time. There are differences to prepare for when moving to California, and some of them can help you to prepare better for an apartment hunt.

Packing your entire life is a step you cannot escape

It doesn’t really matter where and where you want to relocate, some challenges are the same. Or at least similar. So, to leave a certain place, you need to pack your belongings first. You are not coming back, and everything that you own is going with you. For many people, this is a true nightmare, especially if they are swarming with obligations already due to their job. If that is your case, don’t start panicking. Because there is a perfect solution. Simply let experts handle it. There are packing services that a moving company normally provides that you can take. And this is one of those cases where it would be necessary.

While you work, or you deal with other obligations, your movers will pack your entire household in less than a day. Normally they do it on a moving day, depending on how many items you have. But they do a check-up on time. So, this will be a stress-free relocation, and you can relax now. Everything will be done soon enough, and you will start this new chapter of your life.

Aerial view of a cliff, a bridge, and the ocean in CA.
Prepare in advance and there is nothing to worry about.

It is normal to feel lonely at first

No one likes that feeling of loneliness or fear. But when you are leaving behind NYC for California you need to expect it and be prepared for it. These are some of the things you need to know before the move. For sure, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will experience it and you will have problems with this. But just in case, you should know what to do to prevent it. When you get there you most likely won’t even know anyone. And not having friends around to hang out and meet with can be difficult. That is why you should work on this before even getting there.

Public transportation can be a challenge when leaving NYC for California

For some reason, many people struggle to adapt to public transportation in a certain place once they relocate. Even though public transport is huge in New York City, you might come across some challenges when you get to California. It is different, and you need a couple of weeks until you adapt to it. It would be perfect if you found someone that is already living there for a longer time and can teach you properly.

View of a Golden Gate Bridge.
California has a lot to offer, you just need to explore it.

Don’t give up

Even though there will be some challenges when you are leaving NYC for California, you shouldn’t give up. Instead, you should be patient and you should put even more effort into this. One day you will be glad that you didn’t give up and that you made it through. It will be worth it in the end.

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