moving musical instruments

Moving Musical Instruments

If you own a musical instrument, then you know how valuable these pieces can be. And we are not speaking just about market value. The sentimental value is sometimes much bigger, as some of these instruments are unique, or are in a family for a very long time. That is why when moving musical instruments you must do whatever it takes in order to keep them safe. And relocation is one of the most demanding projects you will ever encounter. There is so much to think about, especially if you are having one of these very valuable pieces. And it doesn’t matter if you are having a local relocation or need to prepare for an interstate move. You need to plan your relocation thoroughly and make sure your musical instruments safely reach a new destination. Here are some good tips on that topic that you can use.

Hire professionals with extensive experience

It is very important to find a moving agency for the upcoming relocation that has experience with moving musical instruments. Therefore pay attention to this detail while looking for movers to hire. Additionally, make sure you are avoiding moving scams as well, as you could end up with broken or even stolen belongings if you hire such a company. Ask your movers for proof of previous moving musical instruments undertakings, as you must be sure that they are right for this job.

Packing musical instruments for the move

Once you find a good and reliable moving agency that will handle the relocation of your musical instruments, it is time to secure your precious pieces. But, before you begin with this activity, you’ll need some packing supplies. And as you are moving musical instruments, you will need a bit more specific packing supplies than for the rest of your belongings. Keep in mind that the safety of your instruments comes first. Therefore, you’ll need to get the following items:

  • The original hard case of your instrument
  • A lot of packing foam
  • Blankets and other fabrics that will cover gaps around instruments
  • Boxes and labels
  • Packing tape

It is very important to purchase high-quality supplies. This is not the time to be cheap, as you could risk a lot by having low-cost supplies. Therefore, make sure you get only the best for your instruments. Now we will go through some tips for the different type of moving instruments. Keep in mind that your job is to pack and secure your beloved pieces of art and to label them properly.

Be careful with a piano

A piano

Make sure you find experienced piano movers

Moving a piano is very different than moving smaller instruments. Therefore, you will need to take extra precautions if you are about to relocate your piano. In case you have never done this before, do not risk by moving piano DIY style. You need to find good piano movers that know how to handle this task and avoid scratches and damages. What you need to do is to make some preparations before your movers come to pick up your piano. Close the lid, and lock fallboard. If there are any removable parts, pack them separately. Make sure you do not forget the piano bench. As this is the part not as delicate as the rest of the piano, you can move it among the furniture. And that is it. Leave the rest to your piano movers, as they have experience with safely moving such a big and delicate item.

Moving musical instruments with strings require special treatment

When it comes to moving musical instruments with strings, you’ll have some job to do. These instruments are very delicate and fragile, and you need to make sure to prevent any damage. The first thing you need to do is to loosen the strings slightly. But be careful, as if you do it too much, you could risk deformation of the neck. Same applies on the bow if you have an instrument with this part. Next, turn put keys in a parallel position in regard to the headstock.  Finally, place the instrument inside of the hard case.

violin and the bow on the bed

Always loosen the strings of the instrument and the bow

It is easy with brass and woodwind instruments

These instruments are really easy to move. All you need to do is to completely disassemble your instrument and wrap each piece individually. Once you do that, put piece by piece inside of the crate or a box and fill the gaps with blankets or packing foam. In case you have the original hard packing, there is no need to disassemble the instrument. Just make sure you protect it from moisture, as it can easily damage the instrument.

Make sure you protect your drums

The drumhead of drum sets and other percussion instruments must have proper protection. What you can do is to tailor a cardboard cover from the box to fit each piece of your set. Once you tape the cover, wrap drum with a blanket and place it in the box. Label the box with “fragile” sign, and tell your movers to be gentle with it.


Make a cover for the drumhead

As you can see, moving musical instruments is not a quite simple or easy task. Therefore, you will need to organize a lot of things and make sure your instruments are safe and sound. More importantly, you will have to find good, reliable and experienced movers that will be careful with your equipment. Pay extra attention to the experience part, as you will want only true professionals for this job. Remember that you can actually help your movers by properly packing your instruments. Of course, if you have a piano or a similar big instrument, it is smarter to let your movers handle both packing and unpacking process. And get moving insurance. You can’t risk moving musical instruments without insurance, as repair can be very expensive. So, as you have a lot of things to cover, make sure you start on time. Have a safe and successful relocation.

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