Separate items and organize a garage sale before a move.

How to organize a garage sale before a move?

When moving, people often don’t want to move all their items. Relocations costs are also higher when transporting more items. One of the best ways to get rid of unnecessary items is to organize a garage sale before a move. Also, you can earn money, not only spend it.

Tips to organize a garage sale before a move

Sales are fun and exciting, especially for buyers. They never know what will find at a very affordable price. Also, there is some beauty in negotiating, it is part of the sale. A shopper will find something interesting, and you will save money when moving and earn it, a win-win situation.

A chair with a sign for a garage sale.

Garage sales are exciting for both sides

Separate items you want to sale

First, separate items you want to move, and the items you want to sell. The items you need to move should be transported by professionals. If some of the items are too damaged, then you should throw them away, but the rest, you could sell. Organize items in categories. For example, CDs, DVDs, in one box, books in another, women clothing in another, etc.

Set the price

Do you know for what price you will sell items? Be realistic, don’t overprice. You should set prices before the sale day. If you don’t have experience with a garage sale, visit a couple of them. This way you will know how to charge the furniture, clothing, etc. Besides knowing how much item costs, you should prepare other things.

  • Get price stickers, so shoppers won’t ask you “how much this cost?” for every single item.
  • If you don’t have stickers, use small papers and a marker, but make sure it’s easy to read.
  • Don’t expect to get the same value of money you spend when buying items, you should know it before you organize a garage sale before a move.
  • Be ready to negotiate, it is part of every garage sale, but set the limit on how much you can lower the price.

Advertise your garage sale

Advertising a sale is the most important step. Because, what is the other way to let people know that you are organizing a garage sale?

  • Place an ad in a local newspaper a day before the yard sale
  • Place an ad on Craigslist a few days before a sale
  • Advertise people by using social media such as Instagram and Facebook – it is free
  • Put garage sale signs (posters) around the neighborhood
  • Flyers can help too

Setting up the sale

A garage sale day will be crazy, so try to stay organized and calm. Clean up space first and then organize items in categories. This should be done a few days before the sale. Don’t display anything you don’t want to sell, besides folding tables and clothing hangers. Expect to sell most of the items, but some of them will stay. Hire junk removal services for those items.

Items for selling on a garage sale.

Make sure everything you want to sell is there

Now when you know to organize a garage sale before a move in order to get rid of unnecessary furniture, decoration, toys, clothing, etc. you can start preparing.

Packing hacks

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