An acoustic guitar and violin, protect your musical instruments if you want them to last

How to protect your musical instruments when storing?

If you are playing a musical instrument, or you are selling them, or you are moving so you need a temporary place to store all of them, protecting is a must to avoid damages. Music connects people and music without instruments is not a good connection. Protect your musical instruments and play them whenever you want. Luckily, we have simple tips and tricks on how to keep them safe.

Two saxophones

For musicians, their instruments are the most important equipment. Protect your valuables and keep them safe

First, find a good storage

If you are moving musical instruments and you do not where to put all your household items and instruments while moving, or you need a long-term solution, a storage unit is a perfect option. But first, you need to find one. A good storage unit is half of a job. Even if items are protected, if the storage is not in good condition, they are not safe.

Make sure a storage company has a license and insurance, no matter how much you liked the space. After that, read online moving reviews and check their rates.

Experience is also a big factor when choosing storage and movers too. People with experience will give you tips about how to pack and store household items together with instruments.

Types of storage units for your musical instruments

Whether you are moving a stand-up piano, guitar or any other instrument to a storage unit, you should know how to pick the right space. First, ask about insurance policy they offer to clients and for price and additional costs. Besides insurance, moving and storage companies also offer a security system, climate-controlled storage, 24/7 surveillance, different sizes, alarm system, indoor, outdoor storages, etc.  

Especially pay attention if you need to store electronics that come with instruments. Humidity, too hot or too cold temperatures are a disaster in this case. And, not the last thing you want is damaged or broken equipment. To protect your musical instruments the best way, choose climate-controlled indoor storages. 

It is a good idea to hire assistance when moving out of Brooklyn because transporting musical instruments is not easy and simple. Packing them for moving requires knowledge and time. One mistake may damage your valuable items. 

Outdoor storage units

Choose the best storage for your items and store them properly

Tips to protect your musical instruments

As a musician, your equipment in one of the most important items, so taking care of them is your job. When thinking about should you decide to rent a storage unit in NY to protect your musical instruments during moving or home renovation or even as a long-term solution, try to learn how to store them properly? So, let’s start with learning.

Clean all the instruments

Dust and dirt may damage your valuable instruments. Before you store, clean them. All types of instruments, guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, etc. Use a dumb cloth, or if you have a cloth and supplies for cleaning your instruments use it. Be gentle and do not use alcohol or oil on wood (a paste and wax can be used). If the instrument can be disassembled, do it and separate it into smaller pieces. Such as reed, strings, straps, mouthpieces, etc. Strings do not have to be taken out but make sure you relax them a little bit.

Use an original case

If you have original cases and boxes, that is the best solution. But many people do not have them. So, they have to options, to buy cases for instruments or to be creative with boxes. Cases designed for them cost, and if you have a tight budget just find new ways to protects them. Search online for new cases but make sure they are not damages or have holes. Put soft linens inside of a box to prevent instruments from scratches.

an accordion in an original case to protect your musical instruments

An original case is the best protection to musical instruments

Protecting a piano and drums

Not only you should protect these instruments, but also you should hire a specialized company to transport them to the storage. Especially a piano. When placing them to a storage facility, pay attention to details. Do not forget to should loosen the drum skin. When it comes to a piano, do not worry about string, because they are made to handle pressure, but wrap pedals, leg, and a piano bench. Cover a piano and drums to prevent them from dust when storing.

What about brass instruments?

Brass instruments must maintain its good condition because it is susceptible to becoming dull after a while. If you will store brass instruments for a long period of time polish them. Use a soft cloth and brushes and disassemble all of the components.  such as the mouthpieces and reeds. The original case is the best solution to keep them safe.

Look for the best storage unit in your city, or in your future destination. If you do not know where to find them, visit and you may find the perfect solution for your musical instruments.

Protecting electronics

Electronic and musical instruments should not be placed directly on the floor. But that is not all. Electronics are sensitive to high and low temperatures. There are many other types of equipment and electronics that come with instruments. DVDs, CDs,  cables, computer, rhythm machines, amplifiers, speakers, etc. Temperature-controlled storage is a perfect solution. Dust them with an air compressor for electronics, clean them and put them in a box or cover them with a plastic cover.

Electric guitar

Electronics are too sensitive to temperature changes

Make sure to protect your musical instruments the best you can. Now when you have tips and a simple guide, you will do it with ease. Store them properly. If all of this seems like a lot, hire professional packers and movers and relax no matter what is the reason for storing.

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