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Tenant rights in LA 101

A lot of people are moving to Los Angeles and they have been for years and years. Every year there are more and more people living in LA or somewhere near LA as well as people just visiting. This is a very busy city to live in. Not only busy but expensive too. That is why a lot of people don’t own the homes they live in. They rent them. This means that most people in Los Angeles are tenants and the rest of them are landlords. You as a tenant need to know your tenant rights in LA. And you need to know them even before you start renting an apartment. And here’s exactly where you can read some of the most important things about your tenant rights in LA and what living in LA as a tenant is like.

Your home needs to be clean before you move into it

Your tenant rights start as soon as you find the apartment you like and you make a deal with the landlord. If you are supposed to move in on a Friday for example and you set the day and the date a couple of days or weeks back, the apartment needs to be clean. You have a right to move into a clean apartment. By this, we mean that everything there is in the apartment needs to be cleaned and washed. Especially now with the coronavirus pandemic going on. If the apartment you are moving into isn’t clean, discuss it with your landlord. This is very important if you are moving to LA with kids.

Cleaning floors.
You should move into a sparkling-clean home.

If the landlord didn’t have enough time to clean the apartment or have someone clean it, he should have postponed the moving in date. Moving into a dirty and visibly previously-used apartment is not what you should be doing. But if you have a type of relocation that needs to be done urgently, let this slide but have your landlord pay the cleaning services after you move in.

You have the right to habitable housing

An important part of being “habitable” is being clean when it comes to apartments. But there are other things that your landlord needs to take care of in order to make your apartment habitable. He is the one who should be taking care of and paying for anything that isn’t working or is damaged to the point of being unable to use it. Faucets, air conditioning, toilet, pipes, doors, windows. All of this isn’t your responsibility. It’s your landlord’s. If you move in and you notice that something isn’t working, it’s best to inform your landlord right away.

Your landlord is the one who should be doing all the fixing, not you.

A far better thing to do is to ask your landlord for permission to inspect the whole home before moving into it. This way you will be sure that everything was working before you moved in. But if you have an inspection, you have to make sure that you do it the right way and that you check everything. But that is simply impossible. No matter how big or small the home is, you can’t be sure that everything is fully functioning before you move in and some time has passed. But if you truly didn’t cause any damage and something isn’t functioning, you shouldn’t have to pay a single cent for it. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – it’s not your responsibility to fix something you haven’t damaged and something that you don’t own.

Your landlord can’t make you do anything

If you inform your landlord that something isn’t working or functioning the right way and he wants you to cover the expense, you have three options:

  • You can tell him that you won’t pay for it as it’s not your responsibility
  • You can negotiate with him on how you are going to fix this and still have it all be completely fair
  • Move out if the landlord doesn’t want to pay or settle for an agreement.
A man looking at his empty wallet.
Don’t pay for everything you haven’t damaged or broken yourself.

You might be wondering what the agreement is. You can offer to pay if the landlord deducts your monthly rent. For one month, two months, three months. However long it takes for you to get the money you spent back from your landlord. If he doesn’t want to agree for such a thing, moving out is the right thing to do. Giving money to a person who doesn’t appreciate your effort to make everything good for the both of you isn’t something you should be doing. Even if you have a well-paying job in Hollywood. Sure, the apartment might be good but what if something more serious happens and your landlord doesn’t want to make an agreement then either? You’ll find yourself in much more trouble than if you were to simply find another apartment with a better landlord. JB Movers LA can help you relocate anytime.

Your landlord can’t just barge into your home

A lot of people have had issues with their landlord because they kept just coming over out of the blue. This isn’t allowed. Your landlord has to tell you at least 24 hours in advance that he or she will be coming over to the apartment. Whether it’s to collect rent or to check the apartment, he has to announce himself in advance. If your landlord doesn’t do this and he comes over your apartment, if you don’t feel like letting him inside for whatever reason, you absolutely don’t have to. It’s one of your tenant rights in LA. Unless it is an emergency or you are breaking your tenant rules. You might also need to read some tips for living in a rented apartment in Hollywood before you move there.

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