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The ultimate guide to last-minute moving in Orange County, CA

You want to move in Orange County. And that as soon as possible. Also, you do not know what you should do in order to relocate to your new home as quickly as you can. Because of that, you are feeling a bit lost. Well, that is why we are here for you. Here, in this guide, you will find the most important tips on moving in Orange County at the last minute.

Do not stress over anything

First of all, you must not stress over anything. Yes, we are aware of how difficult and complicated the moving process can seem at first. But, trust us, it is not the end of the world. You have to calm down if you want to do this right. And, in order to succeed in that, you need your health, both physical and mental. Surely, you know how stress can affect both our body and mind. You do not need that. So, stop panicking.

An illustration of how Last-minute moving in Orange County can be stressful.
Last-minute move can be pretty exhausting to the majority of people.

Organize your moving in Orange County

When you calm down, you must focus on your next step, and that is the organization of your moving in Orange County. For this, you will need a planner and a pen. Or, just a mobile phone, if you prefer doing things in that way. Moreover, you should write down absolutely everything that you need to do related to your relocation. And not only that, Since you will be in a hurry because of your last-minute move, you should write down all the other responsibilities regarding your family or your job. In that way, you will not forget something important that has to be done.

Hire a professional moving company to help you with your relocation

The next step will be hiring a professional moving company for your Orange County relocation. Moving in California almost always requires the help of professionals, like the ones you can find on However, you should read the recommendations of more than one moving company. Also, you should contact the ones that seem okay to you and ask for their prices and services. Only after you discuss all the details can you make your final decision on which company you want to hire to give you assistance. Keep in mind that you must be quick when making a decision since this is all about your last-minute move.

Make your moving checklist

When you hire a professional moving company you should start with creating your moving checklist. We advise you to declutter your current place first. That will help you decide which things you need and which you do not want to spend your money and space on. Then, you can take your planner or mobile phone and use it for this list also. Each time you pack something, make sure to cross it out immediately. This step is very important for it will prevent you from leaving behind something that is important to you.

A notebook, pen and watch.
Create your moving checklist in your planner or in your mobile phone.

Get rid of all the unnecessary things when moving in Orange County

After decluttering your current home, you will find yourself surrounded by so many things that you do not need anymore. The best solution to this problem is to sell all of those things. That will also bring you some money that you can use for your moving expenses. The easiest option is to sell them on one of the internet sites that have that purpose. The things that you cannot sell that quickly you should simply give away. That will definitely spare you some time. Since you are moving to Orange County at the last minute, you will not have enough time for organizing a garage sale. In addition, organizing a garage sale during a coronavirus global pandemic can be a very dangerous thing if you are not careful enough. Therefore, it will be best to avoid it if possible. Health always has to be in the first place for all of us.

Provide enough packing supplies

In order to pack all your belongings properly, you need to have suitable packing supplies. These include cardboard boxes in various shapes, bubble wrap. paper, scissors, tape, and others. But, this does not mean that you will have to spend a fortune in order to provide all of this. No. All that you need to do is to visit your local library, books store, or supermarket. Do not be shy to ask the workers there to give you some cardboard boxes that they will be throwing away anyway. Then, you should pack your items carefully and practically. Be gentle with your fragile objects and wrap them in bubble wrap, paper, and towels before putting them in a box. Also, use individual boxes for different things. After sealing each box with tape, do not forget to label it. Put special marks on the ones with breakable things. That will be helpful to people who will be transporting them to your new house in Orange County.

Cardboard boxes.
Make sure to find suitable cardboard boxes for packing your belongings for their transport.

Call your friends to give you a hand when moving in Orange County in California

Finally, when moving at the last minute to Orange County in California, you will need some help from your closest friends and relatives. Especially with packing and lifting heavy cardboard boxes and large furniture items. If you do these things on your own, you will risk getting hurt. And nobody wants that. So, order food and drink for all of you. Do not forget to relax and spend some quality time together when you finish work. You can be sure that with their help the whole moving process will go much faster.

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