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Tips for organizing a family move from Memphis to Los Angeles

The city of dreams, the city of pleasure, and the city of angels. Los Angeles has established a strong reputation. So it is not surprising that so many individuals desire to relocate here. People travel from all over the world to this wonderful city to pursue their goals of fame or simply to take advantage of everything it has to offer. LA, however, differs from other cities. It is a unique beast. And if you jump in without understanding what it’s all about, you can experience a severe culture shock. Therefore, when you want to move with your family from Memphis to Los Angeles be sure to know all about the city of dreams. If you are still on the edge about Hollywood just research more about the place. You will see more than enough reasons to relocate.

When you are having a family move from Memphis to Los Angeles use organizing tips

You will need to follow some tips when moving with your whole family from Memphis to Los Angeles. Having a structure will be more than helpful in this time. Be sure to organize your relocation carefully so everything goes smoothly. You can organize your future move by following the next few steps

  • Use a moving checklist
  • Lighten your load with decluttering
  • Divide and conquer
  • Make all travel arrangements in advance and take your pet with you
  • Check to make sure a moving company is licensed and insured

You can always add additional steps that you need when moving. It all depends on what type of family you are in. Different families will have different needs when moving from Memphis to Los Angeles. You can visit professionals at for some help in the moving process. They will do all the heavy lifting for your family. The precious belongings will be at your new place in Los Angeles before your kids even realize they are missing them.

Making a list for a family move from Memphis to Los Angeles.
You need to make your checklist before the moving even starts.

Use a moving checklist for an easier relocation

Finding a moving company, organizing your items, and obtaining a new driver’s license are all steps in the time-consuming process of moving to a new state. A moving checklist may keep you organized and ensure that you finish all the tasks you need for your approaching move on time. You can use any of the available moving checklists. Pick the moving option that most closely matches your requirements, such as moving with children or relocating with pets. Or you can combine a few of the categories to create your own unique moving checklist. If you want a unique checklist then take some time and write them down. You can even add some hacks for moving with kids. That you will use when the time comes to relocate. All of this will guarantee you a smooth move with your family.

Lighten your load before the moving day

Using a moving service? Keep in mind that the weight of your possessions will have a significant impact on the price of your interstate relocation. This implies that the expense of your move will increase the more you relocate. You’ll want to make as many financial savings as you can because cross-country moves typically cost several thousand dollars. To lessen the burden, you can give the lightly used items to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, or other organizations.  You can also try selling stuff on an online marketplace or secondhand shop. For the belongings that you leave specialists can give you a hand with packing them. When professionals pack your items it will not only take the work from your hands but make your belongings safe. They will pack items with safety in mind.

Picking out clothes that you will donate.
Donate your unused items to people that will be grateful for them. You will save money by doing this.

You will need to conquer your family move from Memphis to Los Angeles

Moving across the country with a family is challenging. However, it can be really helpful to have several extra sets of hands. Ask your husband and children to assist you as you start packing the house. Before starting the entire process. You need to instruct them on how to properly pack a moving box. Children who are at school should be able to help pack up their own rooms. Pack non-essentials or things you won’t need in the days before the move first. Such as seasonal clothes and literature. Take the necessities last. You can also inform your family on how to help movers on a moving day. This will benefit everyone involved. Therefore, be sure to do that when moving with the whole family.

Make all travel arrangements in advance and take your pet with you

Don’t delay organizing travel plans until the last minute. Make sure to plan and investigate every aspect of your cross-country move at least a month in advance. These travel arrangements, which include booking hotels and plane tickets, are essential to a smooth move. Make your pet’s travel plans as soon as possible if you are moving with them. Especially if you are relocating out of state. Research pet-friendly facilities you can use when traveling a few weeks in advance. If you plan to travel by air, make sure your pet has a seat reserved for them. Depending on their size, your pet might not be permitted to fly in the cabin according to the rules that each airline has in place. Prior to leaving be sure to take medical records from their vet.

Happy dog laying in a lazy bag after your move from Memphis to Los Angeles.
Your pet will need some time to organize as well.

Check to make sure a moving company is licensed and insured

Hiring a shady mover is the absolute last thing you wish to do when moving cross-country. Thankfully, if you recognize what to look for, moving scams are simple to identify. In addition to moving estimates that seem too good to be true. Bad movers are usually not licensed or insured. Use the FMCSA’s database to search for an interstate mover using their U.S. DOT number to see whether they are licensed. Additionally, you should verify the moving company’s insurance coverage. You should be able to request sufficient documents to support this from moving companies.

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