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Top-rated LA neighborhoods for singles

Los Angles is a big city with many desirable areas for single people. Because of the overwhelming amount of choices, it can be hard to pick where to live. We at Moving Company Hollywood are here to help you make a choice. We have for you an article about the top-rated LA neighborhoods for singles. Let’s begin! 

Why choose one of the top-rated LA neighborhoods for single

Before we get into the best places for single people in Los Angeles, let’s talk about why come to LA at all. 

  • First, you can not talk about Los Angles without mentioning the weather. If you are from places that are more north in the country, the warm weather of Los Angles will surprise you. Moreover, the weather is not wasted because you can spend it on one of the many LA beaches. 
  • Second, you will be living in one of the most developed cities in America and get a chance to work with the best people in whatever field. 
  • Third, you will never run out of things to do in the City of Angels. Like any big city, Los Angles has endless places for entertainment. No matter what neighborhood you decide to live in, it will only be a place where you will sleepover, so you can go and explore the next day. 
  • Finally, come to Los Angles because of the diversity. The city not only welcomes diversity but nurtures it, and a great example of that is Venice Beach. 
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If you choose to live in one of the top LA neighborhoods for singles, you open yourself up for new experiences daily.

Top-rated LA neighborhoods for singles – Los Feliz 

The first area we will talk about is Los Feliz, a hillside neighborhood in the greater Hollywood area. About 44,000 people live in Los Feliz with a median age of 38, above the median age in Los Angles. 

Let’s first talk about the cost of living in Los Feliz. There is no sugar-coating it: the cost of living is high in Los Feliz. So if you were going to move to Los Feliz, be prepared to live with roommates. Let’s quickly break down the cost of living in Los Feliz. 

While Los Feliz is one of the best LA neighborhoods for single people, it is 29% more expensive than the average of Los Angles. To put that in perspective, the cost of living in Los Angles is 50% higher than the national average. 

a person counting money
Be ready to spend a lot on rent if you choose Los Feliz.

You will have to pay the same amount for groceries, utilities, transportation, health care, and goods and services as the rest of Los Angles. 

The main problem is the housing which is almost 100% more expensive than the rest of LA, and that is why we recommend living with roommates. 

Why move to Los Feliz if it is so expensive?

  • The first thing that makes Los Feliz one of the top-rated LA neighborhoods for singles is the location. Los Feliz is in the center of Los Angeles, which means everything is within reach. Moreover, Griffith Park is not that far away. In Griffith Park, you can hike or jog to keep in shape and soon forget about the single life. 
  • The second thing that makes Los Feliz suitable for single life is Hillhurst Avenue, where most nightclubs and bars are located. If you go to one of the bars or nightclubs on Hillhurst Avenue, you will not struggle to find other single people. 
  • Besides nightclubs and bars, there are plenty of restaurants in Los Feliz. If you are looking for Italian food, check out Palermo Ristorante Italiano. For lovers of coffee and pastries, Alcove Café & Bakery will soon become your favorite place on earth. But that is just the tip of the iceberg of this neighborhood. When you move to Los Feliz, you will get to experience everything to the fullest. 

Local Los Angles assistance is always available to help you move to Los Feliz and take advantage of this neighborhood. They know the local area well and will make the relocation process faster and simpler for you. 

Top-rated LA neighborhoods for singles – Silver Lake 

The second neighborhood suitable for single people in Los Angeles is Silver Lake. Another community in central Los Angles, more precisely in east-central LA. Silver Lake is neighbors with Los Feliz but is not as costly as Los Feliz.

While Los Feliz is 29% more expensive than the average cost of living in LA, Silver Lake is just 14% more expensive. Same as with Los Feliz, your daily spendings do not differ much compared to Los Angles. Again, the difference is mainly because of housing. But housing is 50% less expensive in Silver Lake than in Los Feliz. So if you would like to live without a roommate, choose Silver Lake. An experienced company like simplemoving.us can help you move in fast. They will pack you up and get you into your new home in Silver Lake swiftly and stress-free. 

Why come to Silver Lake?

  • First, same as with Los Feliz, it is in the center of Los Angles so you can get anywhere fast. Griffith Park is not as close as if you lived in Los Feliz, but you can still reach it quickly. 
  • Second, there are many bars and clubs, mainly on Sunset Boulevard. Stand-out places are Los Globos nightclub and Silverlake Lounge, where you can catch live shows. 
  • Finally, besides bars and clubs, you can find many hip shops, trendy cafes, and restaurants serving dishes from different cultures.  
group of people in a nightclub
There is an abundance of nightclubs in Silver Lake to meet other single people.


There are many more LA neighborhoods for singles that you can check out. We have chosen these two because they are in the center of Los Angles. Both areas have their pros and cons. If you are not satisfied with our picks, do more research on Los Angles neighborhoods. When you finally pick where you want to move, make sure to learn about moving contracts. Good luck!

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