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Tips on living with roommates

At some point in your life you will leave your parents’ house and move to another city. No matter if you move for college, work or some other reason, your life expenses will rise. You will have to pay a rent and bills. In order to save some money, the best thing is to start living with roommates. Whether this seems exciting to you or not, you must know it will not be easy to share your space with other people. Also, you have to keep in mind that they are in the same situation as you, so be considerate. Here are some tips on living with roommates which can be of great help to you.

Keep your things clean when living with roommates

This does not apply only for your room, but for the rest of the apartment as well. For example, when you finish with lunch, do not leave dirty dishes in the kitchen. Wash them immediately. If you have a living room, do not leave your books and clothes all over the place. It can be very annoying for other people who live there too.

Keep your shower short

This is really important, especially if you share your place with more people. You can all talk about who takes showers when and make your lives easier.

A shower

Be considerate with the hot water when living with roommates

Do not borrow things without asking

For sure you do not like when others take your stuff without asking you first. So, do not do this yourself. People can get very upset about things like this.

Everybody takes care of their own pets

If you agreed that pets are allowed, their owners must feed them and clean after them. It is not fair to leave that responsibility to other roommates. Also, if someone owns cats or dogs they should not enter rooms of other people.

A cat

Take care of your pets by yourself when living with roommates

Decide whether to split on groceries or not

In order to avoid misunderstanding later, it is good idea to discuss in advance if there will be communal food or not. If you agree to share it, you must tell one another when you run out of milk for example.

Set the rules about guests when living with roommates

Never bring over your friends or significant other without asking your roommates first. Maybe they are tired and loud conversation or music will disturb them. Moreover, they might have important exam the next day. If they do not mind your significant other spending the night over, she or he should go the next day. Your roommates have agreed to share the apartment with one more person, not two. Keep that in mind.

Make sure there is a lock on your bedroom door

This is really important if you live with strangers. You do not know them or their friends and you want to keep your things safe. It cannot do any harm even if you leave with friends. Everybody needs their privacy. Also, always knock and wait for an answer when you want to talk to your roommates.

Do not smoke inside your apartment

It is okay if both you and your roommate are smokers, but if this is not the case it is better that nobody consumes cigarettes inside. In this way you will not be bothering the other person.

Take turn taking out the trash

If you notice that the trash bin is full or that it smells, take out the trash immediately. Do not wait for others to do that.

Figure out what to do if somebody forgets their keys and gets locked out

This is important thing to discuss for it can happen to everyone unexpectedly. Maybe you can have a hiding place for your spare key or think of something that suits you more.

Refill the toilet paper roll when it is out

For sure you do not want to be left without the toilet paper at the moment you need it the most. The same goes for other people. They can be very annoyed if you do not refill the toilet paper roll after using all of it. So, never forget to do this.

Bring a small souvenir when you go on vacation

Showing your roommates you think about them will help you bond. For this reason it would be really nice if you send them a postcard or bring them a small gift when you come back from your trip.

Talk with your roommates about the things that bother you

This is never easy, but if your roommates are doing something that bothers you, you must let them know. If they had a party without asking you first and loud music was the problem or some other thing happened, do not hesitate to tell them how you feel about that. The best is to find the right moment for having that conversation. Never be silent about something that upsets you for nobody will know that you have a problem with that.

People drinking coffee

Tell your roommates if something bothers you

Do not spread gossip about your roommates

No matter if your roommates really annoy you sometimes, you should never talk to other people about them behind their back. The things you said to others could easily get to them and hurt their feelings. This can also cause an argument. You do not want that to happen, do you?

Do not be hurt if your roommate does not want to be your best friend

When you are living with roommates, the most important thing for all of you is to pay your rent and bills on time and respect the rules you have all agreed upon. Being roommates does not necessarily mean you must be best friends and share your deepest secrets. If you see that the person you share your apartment with is not interested in being your best buddy, do not get upset about it or be too pushy. You must know it is perfectly fine.

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