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Ways to prepare memorabilia for storage

There are many ways to prepare your beloved household items for storage. But before doing that you need to find the perfect storage. The best ones are temperature-controlled because it’s less likely to happen something bad – like mold that can ruin your belongings. So do research on all kinds of storage spaces near you in order to find the best one. Luckily nowadays you can find just about anything you can think of. Finally, we have listed some of the best tips to help you prepare your memorabilia for storage.

Ways to prepare them before packing

Sometimes there is simply not enough room for everything you own. That’s why people invented renting storage. You can keep all the things you hold dear but don’t have the need for them daily. Before you start packing your memorabilia you should clean them. Whatever it is, even pictures – they get dusty over time. So, take your time and clean them carefully and then the process of packing can begin.

Packing memorabilia

After you are done with the cleaning it’s time for the packing. Plastic wrap is a good material for packing. Don’t forget to label all the boxes so you don’t have to memorize which box is which. Packing paper is also very good. It’s important to preserve your memorabilia from the dust and everything else.

A man doing his best to prepare memorabilia for storage.
Having good quality packing materials will be quite helpful. So it can be smart to invest in some. All the big chains like IKEA or Walmart will have all that you need.

Hiring professionals to help you with packing

If you have too many items to pack you should consider hiring professional movers to help you out. They are the experts after all and they can help you with this process. The packing will be done in no time and the best of all, you won’t be the one doing all the hard work.

A man in a gallery with various knick-knacks
If you have too much stuff you should consider hiring professionals to help you out.

Breakable items

If some of your memorabilia are fragile and breakable you should find some good packing paper and wrap them separately in it. Then you can add an extra layer of bubble wrap. That way those breakables will be perfectly safe and sound waiting for you. It’s not easy handling breakable items but if you pay special attention they will be just fine. If some of the breakables are in the moving boxes make sure to write fragile on the box so they don’t get mixed up with other non-breakable items.

Eco-friendly packing to prepare memorabilia for storage

Nowadays it’s important to think about ecology. Many packing materials are actually bad for the environment so if you want to be green consider reusing stuff you already have to prepare your memorabilia. Some stuffed can be put in old boxes you already have, old t-shirts can be used instead of packing paper or bubble wrap. That way you are recycling and preserving the earth. That is the best possible option. Those are also good ways to prepare your precious household items.

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