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5 cities in Miami Dade County perfect for Californian families

The county of Miami Dade County is unique among the fifty states of the United States. Located between two national parks, it is twice as populous as Rhode Island. Its population of 2.5 million is highly varied, ranking in the top ten nationally. There are also 34 incorporated cities that are home to these people, ranging in size from those with over 400,000 inhabitants to those with only one. But we’re simply not here to discuss statistics. We need to see which cities are the best so you can find the best place for you to move to.  After you’ve read up on all 34 cities there is in this county, you can judge how well we did by comparing them to the five we chose. Then, you will be able to start preparing for the moving day of your relocation to one of the best cities in Miami Dade County perfect for Californian families.

Let’s start with Homestead

Everyone who enjoys Miami’s culinary scene would be thrilled to call Homestead home. Why? A local foodie’s wildest imagination comes true. Many notable businesses are located here or in close enough proximity. Our personal favorite is “Robert Is Here”. As a result of a large number of newcomers from Mexico and Central America, Miami-Dade County now has some of the best examples of ethnic cuisine that has not been influenced by the region’s burgeoning hipster dining scene. It is also convenient for day trips to the Florida Keys.

Homestead is a culinary utopia for those who value supporting local farmers and producers. Old Florida’s allure can be a bit much at times. You have to figure out what works best for you. It was the first on our list because it was the one we found the most Californian families in. If you decide to move here, make sure to call miamimoversforless.com.

A burrito in Miami Dade Country
The best food in Miami Dade Country can be found here. Foodies from all over the country come here to enjoy the culinary scene.

The city of Miami is the most obvious choice

This coastal metropolis is the obvious choice among the cities in Miami Dade County perfect for Californian families. As you know, many Californian families live here and it can be the best place for yours as well. Miami is a city that can drive you crazy but can also captivate you with its beauty. After all, this is the City of Wonders! The brightest star in the sky! Thanks to Julia Tuttle, it is the only significant city in the United States that was founded by a woman. The only thing we don’t like about this area is that the crime rates are higher than in the rest. Don’t worry, Miami is so much more than fun nightlife and clubs. They have amazing schools and some of the best amenities.

Coral Gables

No other place in the whole of Dade County is as pleasing to the sight as the City Beautiful, thanks to the Biltmore and its surrounding acres of incredibly attractive Mediterranean revival mansions and lush medians. You will find some of the most beautiful buildings in this city. In addition to being the location of a prestigious university, the city center of this town has recently seen a resurgence in the number of creative bars and restaurants, as well as the Books & Books – the original one. No matter where in Miami Dade Country you decide to move with your family – you will be needing some help. If you reach out to nearby professionals the whole process will be much easier.

Have you heard about Cutler Bay?

If you haven’t – you are in luck. This can be the best place for your family. This place was once known as Cutler Ridge. This area is now commonly referred to as Palmetto Bay’s poorer, slumpier cousin. Cutler Bay may not be as attractive as Palmetto Bay, but it’s still better than the majority of Miami’s downtown. If you do some research, you will find that this is a legitimate, growing cultural hub amid a low-cost residential area. Cheap housing is something that attracted many Californian families over the years.  Along with its affordable homes, this city also has a relatively low crime rate and a wealth of family-friendly attractions. There are many financial benefits of moving here.

A piggy bank
Cheap housing is hard to come by. Luckily this place might have some amazing houses for a reasonable price. You just need to keep your eyes open.

Golden Beach

The making of the famous “Drunk in Love” video by Beyoncé and her spouse Jay-Z supersedes the recording of any album by Eric Clapton, at least in terms of historical significance. But why are we mentioning this? It happened right here. Isn’t that a fun fact? Those wishing to surfboard in the footsteps of Ms. Carter Knowles can do so on the very same shores.

Since high-rise construction is prohibited, not all of Miami-Dade County’s coastline has been overdeveloped, which is good news for the area’s 919 affluent residents who live in single-family houses. The only downside of this area is that the housing market is a bit more expensive so make sure to check out Zillow.com to see the exact prices for the home you are looking to buy. Golden Beach is the best place for dog owners.

A dog running in a park in one of the best cities in Miami Dade County perfect for Californian families.
Dog owners will love this place. There are many great dog parks you will be able to enjoy with the kids and your pet.

Palmetto Bay is the new posh area

Though it was completely destroyed by Hurricane Andrew, the area has since recovered and become one of Miami’s most affluent suburbs. A lot of good came out of the conversation. This location has a lot going for it. One of the best aspects about living there is access to Miami Palmetto – High School. That is something that all parents will love so this is certainly one of the cities in Miami Dade County perfect for Californian families. You must have seen the Falls, their high-end shopping mecca. Definitely do that immediately if you haven’t already.

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