If you ask yourself How many boxes will i need for moving, this picture says it all!

How many boxes will I need for moving?

Moving is not an easy job to do. People usually don’t realize how many things they have to take care of until they start preparing for relocation. There is finding and booking the best movers that you can find, there is cleaning and getting rid of clutter, and finally packing. Naturally, one of the first things that you ask yourself is How many boxes will I need for moving? While this may seem like an easy question with an even easier answer, most of the times it isn’t. Do not leave the task of finding boxes for the last minute as there won’t be enough time and you may find yourself in trouble.

Make a list of things to move

The easiest way to get to the answer to the question of ”How many boxes will I need for moving’?’ is to make an inventory list. You should know how many things you need to relocate, and making the list is a part of moving preparations. When you note everything, you’ll have an idea of the number and type of boxes that you need.


Making the list is the first step in answering the question of ”How many boxes will I need for moving?

Sort your assets

The easiest way to sort all your possessions is to do it while making the list. Do not be too sentimental and feel free to get rid of anything that you don’t need. Decluttering will reduce the number of boxes that you need, and will make your move easier. Start by making three categories, and sort your belongings by importance. From items that will be transported for sure, to ones that for sure won’t be. Those two categories aren’t a problem, but the middle one can be. People often feel insecure about which things they should bring with them. As we already mentioned, it is important to approach this coldhearted and bring with you only the items that you really need.

What kind of boxes to get

There are many types of boxes, the differences are in size, shape, and material. Your best bet will probably be the all-time favorites cardboard boxes. All shapes and sizes are available and suitable ones can be found for everything, from books and paintings to musical instruments. Take your inventory list into your local DIY store and get boxes considering items that you need to relocate. Of course, when in need of different moving services, you may need some special boxes too. Do not be afraid to pay a little bit more money for boxes that will keep your prized possessions safe while relocating.

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are always your best bet but don’t forget about eco-friendly plastic containers.

How many boxes will I need for moving

When all previous steps are done, you’ll have all the information that you need to get to the bottom of the question ”How many boxes will I need for moving?”. Do not be afraid to ask for help from employees at your local DIY store or from your movers when it comes to choosing the material and sizes of the boxes. Our recommendation is to look into renting plastic containers for your move, as they are more eco-friendly than regular cardboard boxes. Be sure to get at least 20% more boxes than you calculated. Some will fall apart, and it’s not difficult to lose some. There is no need to visit the box store multiple times.

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