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Leaving LA for NYC: 5 major lifestyle changes that will happen

If you are leaving LA for NYC soon, be prepared for a new lifestyle. These two cities are completely different, and your life will be too. On what to be prepared and why are people moving from Los Angeles to New York City. Long-distance relocations are not easy. Not only that you have to transport your belongings cross country, but also, your life will be changed.

Reasons for leaving LA for NYC

Why do people moving to New York? What are the pros of living here? What Big Apple has to offer? It is a city that never sleeps, and it is one of the most popular cities in the world. Here are some main reasons why moving to NYC is so special.

  • Diversity – about 40% of people are from other countries. Poland, Mexico, Greece, India, Italy, etc.
  • Entertainment options – NYC has a lot of clubs, bars, festivals, restaurants, parks, it has something for everyone.
  • Job – people are leaving LA for NYC mostly because of a job offer. Many big companies are located here. Notably, artists are moving to NYC, businessmen, models, doctors, etc.
  • Great networking – it is easy to meet someone new in NYC. Both,  professionally and personally.
  • Weather – if you want to experience all four seasons in one year move to NYC. Winters are cold and snowy, while summers are hot.
  • History and culture – NYC have a very long history and it is often described as the cultural capital of the world.
Street in NYC.
NYC is exciting and fun

5 differences between LA and NYC

People who make cross-country moves often have little experience or knowledge of the culture of the place where they are moving to, in this case, New York. Hollywood and NYC are two contrasting cities.

If you have decided to move soon to a different state, 2,800 miles away from Los Angeles, make sure to understand the NYC lifestyle as soon as possible. This will make adjusting after moving easier. When you know what to expect, relocation will be less stressful.

#1 Walking in NYC

People in NUC, especially Manhattan are walking a lot. Everyone is rushing somewhere, looking at their phones and bumping at each other. Sidewalks are crowded which is not the case in LA. You need to get used to it because you will become one of the persons, rushing and running somewhere.

#2 Driving

If you love to drive, you probably won’t in NYC. First of all, there is no parking, second of all, traffic jams will drive you crazy. At a bright side, the subway system is great, the best in the world. It is also the most affordable way to get around the city. NYC subway is known all around the world.

#3 Food

LA food is healthier than NYC food. But, food in NYC is delicious. You will find here dishes from all round the world. You must try NYC style pizza for example. Probably you will change your “diet” after moving to New York.

A girl doing yoga after leaving LA for NYC.
Relax and find ways to enjoy after moving to NYC

#4 Stress

Unfortunately, New Yorkers have more stress because they live faster. You need to know how to handle it. Life in NYC is not cheap, and it is also a big reason for a stressful life. When leaving LA for NYC, you will be more stressed out and nostalgic because of moving too.

#5 Working

Both cities attract a very driven and dedicated class of workers, smart and young people, looking for a career. New Yorkers work a lot and everyone is into what they do. Competition is very strong and that is also a reason why they need to work hard.

Renting a storage unit in NYC

NYC apartments are small and expensive, that is why a lot of people rent a storage unit. Take time to find a secure unit for your stuff that you can’t fit in your tiny home. Storage services are also needed when renovating an apartment or renting it during transportation. It is a safe place for your belongings. Consider renting one when moving from LA to NYC and don’t worry about your items.

For easier relocation, hire long-distance movers

How to move from one state to another with ease. Moving cross country can be very stressful, emotional, exhausting, and hard. By hiring a reliable long-distance moving company with experience, relocation will be much easier. The distance between Los Angeles and New York City is around 2,800 miles, which is a lot.

Transporting household items by yourself, in this case, is not safe and not recommended. Especially if you are not an experienced truck driver. To find a company you can trust, do research. Today, everything is available online, so visit different companies’ websites, such as and prepare on time.

Moving boxes needed for leaving LA for NYC.
Pack your items and organize relocation to NYC like a pro

What to do if you don’t like a neighborhood where you live in NYC

Since you are not from NYC, you don’t know its neighborhoods yet. After moving, if you don’t love a place where you live, what can you do. People in NYC are moving a lot, they are changing apartments often. You can relocate to a different neighborhood easily with residential NYC movers.

Adapt after moving to NYC

The first step is to settle in after LA to NYC relocation and to adjust to a new environment and a lifestyle. Meet new people, try new things, and you will fit in fast. NYC is fun and it has a lot to offer. Every neighborhood is different, so choose the best for you. Where you will move to, depends on your job, lifestyle, budget, priorities, etc.

After leaving LA for NYC, you will need time to adapt and it is normal. Be prepared for this big change in your life. These two cities are completely different and you may feel like an outsider at the beginning. After a while, you will adjust to living in NYC.

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