Moving to Hollywood with a baby

Babies are adorable, fun, cute and sometimes annoying. But, when you move, they’re inconvenient. They hate boredom. They hate lack of comfort. However, they like rides, but not too long, mind you. And now, you’re moving to Hollywood with a baby in tow. You’ve planned everything, you’ve packed your stuff, you’ve protected you valuables. You know how nasty moving with children or pets can get. You have taken all the measures to reduce stress, and, in the end, what could possibly go wrong? Well, these are babies we’re talking about. Everything that can go wrong, very likely will. Moving to Hollywood with a baby in tow will be a nightmare if anything goes wrong. However, you can do some damage control through these simple steps.

Moving to Hollywood with a baby

How to move to a Hollywood with a baby?

1. Mind the baby’s health!

You may want to consult a medical professional for this one. Highways aren’t the healthiest places to be, and for a good reason. Vehicles, except for the electric ones, emit all sorts of vile stuff, most notably Carbon-monoxide (CO). It’s poisonous, and in closed space, it can be fatal. In the United States, around 53.000 deaths per year can be attributed to car emissions. Obviously, the highway is no place for a baby – especially a sick one. Check if the baby’s got any medical condition that could worsen throughout the trip. If he/she does, postpone moving to Hollywood with a baby. When the baby is healthy, then you should move.

2. When moving to Hollywood with a baby in the car, mind the comfort

Babies like being comfortable during trips (who doesn’t?). This means that the baby won’t like sitting in a single position during the whole trip. You can give your baby his or her favorite toy, a car DVD player, or some other object. Another good idea is placing a mirror that helps him or her see you during the trip. You should also regulate temperature in the car with your A/C. You should remember to clean your A/C before the trip!

Swaddled baby crying on striped background.

This happenw very often when you hit the road with a baby.

3. Keep the car clean

Not only should you clean the A/C, you should also clean the rest of the car. This is especially important because you don’t want to compromise your baby’s health. Dust and dirt accumulate in almost every spot of the car. As we’ve mentioned, it’s not very good for your baby’s health. The best thing you can do is to clean the car yourself with disinfectant the day before moving. You want the disinfectant to dry off. Baby should under no circumstances come in touch with stuff like that.

4. Keep the baby entertained

Babies get bored after a while, and will protest. Not only is this unpleasant for the baby, but baby’s crying will surely distract the driver. Drivers need to remain focused until they arrive. You should ensure that your baby has something to play with during the trip. Moving to Hollywood with a baby can get nasty because Los Angeles is, after all, a large city. This means traffic james. Do not hesitate to make a small break, get out of the car and let the baby take some fresh air in. Keep some of the baby’s favorite toys in the car, as well as a lot of pacifiers. You’re going to need them.

5. Bring sanitation products

As we’ve mentioned before, you can never know what’s gonna happen with. When moving to Hollywood with a baby, you’ll need some extra stuff just in case. Did the baby defecate? You will need to stop for a diaper change. Did he spill his juice or water all over his clothes? A quick replacement will have to do. Here are some things that you will need to store in the trunk of your car just in case:

  1. Wet wipes;
  2. Extra diapers;
  3. Extra clothes;
  4. Some CDs with quiet music;
  5. Some food for the baby – depending on his or her diet;
  6. Bring some appliances, such as a flashlight or a bottle heater;
  7. First aid kit – hopefully, you will not need it.
Moving to Hollywood with a baby in a seat with fingers crossed.

When moving to Hollywood with a baby, remember that safety comes first.

6. Do not overstress

This is extremely important. There are many ways to reduce stress while moving to Hollywood with a baby. Plan everything, in detail if you have to. However, there is always a chance that somthing might go wrong. Stress will not only ruin your health, but it will also make the situation a lot worse. Remember to:

  1. Take a deep breath;
  2. Assess the situation;
  3. Ask yourself what you can do;
  4. Get a realistic view of the problems you’re facing;
  5. Attempt to fix the problem.

It may not always work. It may take several tries. Remember, getting frustrated and giving up isn’t going to fix the problem. Especially when it comes to babies.

7. When moving to Hollywood with a baby, remember to stay safe!

Regulations exist so roads could stay safe for everyone to use. However, roads are never truly safe – it depends on atmospheric conditions, how rested is the driver, how good the roads are, and many other factors. What you can do is try to make it safe for your entire family. Fasten your seatbelts, always use lights, make sure the car is in good condition. Fasten the baby’s seat properly at all times. Here’s a video on how to do it:

8. Remember to have fun!

Okay, we admit, moving is a chorse. Even if you have nerves of steel, it will put them to the test. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The trip might be long, but it is well worth it. Not everyone get to enjoy life in Hollywood, after all. You may visit some interesting places on the way there, especially if you’re moving across several states. Moving to Hollywood with a baby may be stressful and difficult, but with these few steps, you will make it as safe and easy as you possibly can.

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