A piano.

How to move bulky instruments?

Moving musical instruments always requires a delicate touch and a lot of attention. They are oddly shaped, fragile and, more often than not, very expensive. But, when you need to move bulky instruments, it’s a whole different story. They are bulky, heavy and require multiple people. That’s why it’s more important than ever to hire

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Office space

Office relocation tips

Moving is never easy. But, office relocation always presents more challenges than a home move. From the office chairs, desks, and endless amount of office supplies, there is a lot to pack up. Not to mention that there are employees that you need to organize and help settle in.  And usually, there’s not much time

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An old stand-up piano moving.

Stand-up piano moving guide

Moving a piano is a common situation. It can be done because of a move, or you have a concert somewhere. The reason for stand-up piano moving is not important. The important thing is how to move a piano successfully without any damage. For that job, you will need a guide to help you out. Luckily, we have

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