How to become a local after moving to Hollywood

Welcome to Hollywood, The Entertainment Capital of the World! As this is probably not something you will hear an Angeleno say, and the 2nd largest city in U.S. can feel unwelcoming at the beginning,  there are some things you need to know if you want to blend in and become a local after moving to Hollywood.

Living in a specific area affects pretty much every aspect of your life. It can influence your lifestyle, everyday habits and change your mindset altogether. L.A. is a big and vibrant city with many different neighborhoods. Each of the L.A. boroughs has its own vibe and pace and Hollywood is no different.

become a local after moving to Hollywood

Relocate to one of the most diverse cities in the U.S.!

Things to do before your Hollywood move

Friendly neighbors will help you adapt more quickly if you are moving to Hollywood with your family. On the other hand, if you are moving to Hollywood as a college student, make sure you pick the neighborhood that will fit your lifestyle.

  • Make a moving plan!

Detailed plan of your packing and unpacking process will help you avoid the moving stress and save some valuable time.

This way you will have more time for yourself. Use your free time to explore the city and get to know the parts you like the most and become a local after moving to Hollywood.

  • Get to know the landmarks before you move.

Find out which are the places to see and be seen in Hollywood and visit them as soon as you relocate.

  • Pick the right movers! You might think this has nothing to do with blending in but it will most definitely make the whole moving process easier. Let the skilled professional do the heavy lifting, relax and start planning your fresh start!

Things you should know about L.A if you want to become a local after moving to Hollywood

First of all, you need to know that L.A.  is the city of constant change so blending in shouldn’t  be so hard if you are willing to adapt and keep doing so.

  • There are no seasons in Hollywood!

This will very much affect your fashion style. Angelenos wear sweaters when the temperature goes under 70.

  • Cars, cars, and more cars! Everyone drives and the traffic can get hectic during the rush hours.

Also, you will need to really concentrate while driving as Angelenos are usually not using the blinkers as much.

  • Diversity! It may be that this is the best way to describe the Hollywood culture.

L.A.  is one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. and once you get to know it, you will see that everyone is welcome!

  • Everyone is in the entertainment industry! Your favorite local cafes’ waitress is most likely waiting for her big breakthrough.
Hollywood- The Entertainment Capital of the World

Become a part of moving industry!

Become a local after moving to Hollywood by fitting into the lifestyle of this great community

In order to fit in and become a local after moving to Hollywood, you will probably experience few cultural shocks.


Red carpet wear is by no means required! Flip-flops are worn always and are often considered to be dinner party shoes. Therefore, just put on your Hawaiians and you are all set for a hot date.

Visit the Fashion District and explore the local fashion style!


In order to become a true local, you need to pick sides, choose and support your favorite team.

La Lakers or La Clippers? Not into basketball? No worries, L.A. is home to 2 NFL football teams, the Rams, and the Chargers.


Become a real Angeleno!


Yes, we are not kidding, people from Hollywood love their avocados!

80% of total U.S. grown avocados come from California and Angelenos buy around  293.15 million of this fruit a year.

Hiking trails, beautiful sunrises, and beaches. It is all about a healthy lifestyle, in Hollywood

Beautiful Californian nature is one of the best perks when you become a local after moving to Hollywood. If you are into hiking there are many great trails, so when you do become a true Angeleno you will discover the less instagramed ones. Griffith Park is the perfect place if you are into less crowded outdoor workouts.

Breathtaking sunrises are, kind of, Californian landmarks. So you should definitely visit some of many great beaches in the Hollywood area.

All that beautiful outdoors and nice weather make the healthy lifestyle a big thing in Hollywood. So get yourself a yoga mat or running shoes and pick your work out spot.


Hollywood is a pet-friendly community and no one who treats its dog as a child is considered to be weird. So just relax and bring your pets with you when you move to Hollywood.


Los Angeles has really popularized the truck food dining. Therefore you can expect to find gourmet meals in the menus of food stands all around the city. Pizza is also not a big thing in Hollywood. Therefore, when you want to cheat on your Hollywood healthy lifestyle try ordering some tacos or a burger.

Also: Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican … Just name it, Hollywood has it!

Locals in L.A. don’t do well with distance

The traffic can get really busy and free parking spaces are a rare site. Therefore no true Hollywood local would consider you being rude if you cancel the plans due to the rush hours or simply not feeling like losing your parking space.

The celebrities

To really become a local after moving to Hollywood, means to get used to bumping into celebrities literally everywhere. But to avoid looking like a tourist you must adapt to not bothering them and just make those sightings an everyday habit.

The landmarks

When you become a local after moving to Hollywood, you get used to seeing the sign and try to avoid the Valley and tourist crowds. Therefore, we recommend you explore the city as soon as you move and get a chance mingle with other newcomers.


Welcome to Hollywood!

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